If you're the type of person who sees Holy Week as the best time to spend a summer vacation...where will you be? Sometimes it is very hard to decide if you're group does not have any definite plans. It always depends on time and budget. If you're from Manila and if you don't want to go on very far places, you can either choose Batangas on south area or Subic on north, both are just 2-3 hours drive.


Besides from Boracay, there are other alternative places you can go. You can try Coron Palawan, this is where you can find the cleanest freshwater in the country. Picture shown below is taken from a view deck found in Cayangan Lake. In Coron, the most common location on where you will stay is in the town of Coron, then you will just have to hire a boat to bring you on its best places, you can go to Cayangan and Baracuda lake, Sangat and Black Island for a fine white sand... and Calauit island to get a Safari experience. For more info click here .


Another place to be... is Batanes which can be found at the northern tip of the country, close to Taiwan, you can even get radio signals from Taiwan. I think everyone dreams to be in this place, ever since college, i always wanted to be here. Some folks are scared because of weather conditions, the safest time to be here is just during summer. But for our experience, we went last December, we took our chances... thanks for ZestAir for a cheap ticket price, we bought it for less than P5000.00 because of its promo. It was a fine weather but very windy. The wind was so strong that it can stop you while you are riding a bike, hehe. We stayed in town of Basco, i don't know if you can rent a jeepney to tour you, we brought our own bikes to roam the island, pretty good experience. Place to see is Sabtang island which is famous for stone houses, you can also visit the Honesty store and also the Marlboro country to witness green grass landscape as if you were in Scotland or Ireland (that's what they say) .


If you've been to hundred islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan, you can also try to go to Bolinao which is an hour away from Alaminos. If you have your own car, this is just 6-7 hours away from Manila. This place is on the northwest part of the country near to South China sea.
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We stayed at Treasures of Bolinao which is cheaper than the famous Puerto Del Sol. For my own review, I like the place including rooms, the cottages, they have what they call the bridge which is a nice place for picture taking and to witness the sunset.

Funny thing here is if you are going to use your credit card here, the staff would have to go to the lighthouse to swipe it because that is the only place where they can surely get a signal.

There are other options, you can go to Puerto Galera, im sure that there are so many people here, just be prepared to beat the crowd in Batangas pier. You can also go to Baguio for a cool weather or in Sagada. There are other places where you can go during Holy Week...its up to your family or your friends on where you want to be. Or you can just stay on your homes and sleep all day.