This is an induction climb of Mapua Mountaineering Club, where applicants are about to become fulfilled members of the club. Sobrang tanda ko na ata at di ko na kilala ung ibang members, hehe. People that I know is Jonie, Nico, Ponkan, Sir Dele, Sir Marlon and Mam Marian, Jen.
And its quite funny that theyre all still being bound by rules within that activity, some follows it and others dont give a damn. We took the "Akiki" trail, its quite difficult for me, but i needed it because I need to test my knees before I'll go toMt Kinabalu. One thing that I wouldnt forget in this climb, that was when we were in the grassland, sobrang ginaw!Lakas ng hangin na may halong ambon, considering that we are in Benguet and on a high elevation. I think it was like 10 degree celcius at that time. I was about to surrender because of the extreme cold. The applicants where guided by Jonie, it was dark and theyre still not in the campsite, good thing pinaiwan na lang ni Jonie mga bags ng applicants dahil sobrang ginaw na cla at malapit na ma hypo. Dami namin ksabay sa climb, mga taga UST and Ateneo. Bad trip lang sa climb na to ay walang clearing, we didnt had the chance to see the grassland because of the weather. So bumaba na lang kmi ng after the induction rites, we took the Ambangeg trail, then ride a jeep going to DENR.Then we stayed a day in Baguio, and thanks to the jeepney driver na sinoli nya pa ung digicam na hiniram ko pa kay James. Ako nalang umuwi mag - isa going to Manila because I need to go to work, muntik pa kong late, from Baguio, I went straight to Makati, and back to work again.