December 2005.MT PULAG, BENGUET

This is an induction climb of Mapua Mountaineering Club, where applicants are about to become fulfilled members of the club. Sobrang tanda ko na ata at di ko na kilala ung ibang members, hehe. People that I know is Jonie, Nico, Ponkan, Sir Dele, Sir Marlon and Mam Marian, Jen.
And its quite funny that theyre all still being bound by rules within that activity, some follows it and others dont give a damn. We took the "Akiki" trail, its quite difficult for me, but i needed it because I need to test my knees before I'll go toMt Kinabalu. One thing that I wouldnt forget in this climb, that was when we were in the grassland, sobrang ginaw!Lakas ng hangin na may halong ambon, considering that we are in Benguet and on a high elevation. I think it was like 10 degree celcius at that time. I was about to surrender because of the extreme cold. The applicants where guided by Jonie, it was dark and theyre still not in the campsite, good thing pinaiwan na lang ni Jonie mga bags ng applicants dahil sobrang ginaw na cla at malapit na ma hypo. Dami namin ksabay sa climb, mga taga UST and Ateneo. Bad trip lang sa climb na to ay walang clearing, we didnt had the chance to see the grassland because of the weather. So bumaba na lang kmi ng after the induction rites, we took the Ambangeg trail, then ride a jeep going to DENR.Then we stayed a day in Baguio, and thanks to the jeepney driver na sinoli nya pa ung digicam na hiniram ko pa kay James. Ako nalang umuwi mag - isa going to Manila because I need to go to work, muntik pa kong late, from Baguio, I went straight to Makati, and back to work again.


This a trip that i wouldnt forget, this is my first time to get out of the country...thanks to AirAsia, hehehe. On this trip, im with Cindy and Lemuel. From Manila, we went to Clark Pampanga, then Patricia ( my Malaysian friend) picked us up in Kuala Lumpur airport. We were suppose to stay in a dorm type hostel, but we asked Patricia if we can stay on her place ( kakapal ng mukha, hehe). Then she toured us in Genting Highlands, a few hours away from the city, parang Tagaytay meets Fiesta Carnival, hehe kc meron din indoor amusement park for kids. Nag cable car going up to the top of the mountain where Genting is, they say that it is Asia's longest cable car, im not sure if its updated. Cindy was dying to rockclimb there so while we were waiting for her, me and Lem spent our time and money in Casino, hehe, good thing that i won kundi la na ko pang tour sa Singapore. Then one of the thing i cant forget here is the Sky Venture, an indoor sky diving that me and Lem took, click here to see our actual video, unfortunately the schedule for that day is full so we have to set appointment for the next day. After a tiring day in Genting, we all had dinner somewhere in a busy street of Kuala Lumpur. Then we headed to train station going Singapore. Patricia cant come with us because she has to go to work. It was around 10pm when we departed Kuala Lumpur and by the time we woke up at 6am, we're already in Singapore, woohoo! Just so you know, we each have our bed in the train, we wouldnt let ourselves seat and wait on that ride for 9 hours, hehe. I can still remember when there was a passport check in the train, the immigration officer was banging the comfort room door while Cindy's inside because they thought that she's hiding. When we arrived in Singapore, we have our map but we dont know where to go, hehe. We called Cindy's sister's friend to meet us in a MRT station. We had lunch on their place, but they have to leave us because they all have to go to work. The 3 of us went to Suntec city on our own, then spent our day in Sentosa, watched a dophin show, toured in underwater tunnel, watched the musical fountain. After a long day again, its time to go back to the train station to sleep and be awake in Kuala Lumpur, hehe. At least that round trip train ride saved us from paying 2 nights in a hotel. When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we went to Batu caves and met Patricia on her workplace, btw she works in HP. Me and Lem went back to Genting to have our Sky Venture while Patricia and Cindy went to go shopping. Then we all gathered in Starbucks in HP building. Then we went to Kuala Lumpur Tower, we were able to get better night shots of the whole city. We had our last tour in the city for it is our last night. I took some shots of Petronas tower. Then we stayed on Patricia's place again, she really was a great help, she took care our accomodations while we were in Malaysia. Then on the next day, on our way to the airport, we dropped by in Putrajaya, this is a place in Malaysia where all their government agencies are located, its a very nice place and very unique structures, the Sultan's place looks like Taj Mahal, only its green. When we were in the airport,me and Cindy had our scene in the immigration that i wouldnt forget too, haha. ( its a long story, cant tell it here)

September 2005. PAGSANJAN FALLS

I didnt expect that we would really go here, kala ko kwentuhan lang...hehe. Waterfalls is not a big deal to us, we can always go to places where we wouldnt have to pay just to experience the water, so its pretty stupid thing that we went here to pay..we dont usually go to tourist traps. At least na experience namen ng hindi napapagod, but its not a type of place na gusto mong balikan. This is the first time ata na nag tour kmi ng hindi kmi napagod, because from the very start up to the falls area, cla nagtulak ng bangka.Im with Pac, Lem, Yas, Arnel and Jano. Nadaanan namen ung location ng Tabing Ilog, hehe. Picture on the left is a little cave behind the waterfall. Si Jano and Pac ata ung nakatayo sa bamboo raft. Medyo abusive nga lang dito mga tao dito kc kahit advertised na ung price ng package, nag demand pa rin cla ng tip for each of them na nagtulak ng bangka. Then on our way home, dumaan kmi Caliraya, pero sa labas lang kmi.

July 2005. Mt PINATUBO

This is my favorite shot when we went here. Punta pa talaga ko sa kabilang side ng trail para kunan cla naglalakad. Sobrang nakakapagod tong trip na to, 7 hours papunta sa campsite, then another 2 hours going to the crater, whew! Not to mention that we didnt had sleep at all because we came straight from work. Pumasok ako work ng Fri night ng 9pm then after work, kita kits kmi nila Jano, Edmon, Lemuel, Grace and Diego ng 6am sa Makati ng Saturday ( same Palawan team, la nga lang David ) then byahe to Pampanga, then start ng trek, after 7 hours, nakarating na kmi ng campsite around 6pm ng Sat, la na tlaga ako tulog!!! (24 hrs gising). Then konting tulog, hirap pa matulog kc siksikan kmi sa tent, ang laki pa ng mga bato tumatama sa likod namen. Sunday 6am, trek again going crater ( see pic on right ). After crater, balik campsite, ligpit tent, tapos balik na uli, bad trip lang kc another 7 hours uli, kc flat ground lang naman tinahak namen, at dito nasira ang tuhod ko, kakalakad. Daming falls na madadaanan on that 7 hr trek, ganda rin views kaya saya din, lunch lang namen ay isang latang century tuna, hehe. Kasama rin namen cla Shak, Tina, Nico, Rio, Ram, Lee and iba pang aplikante ng MC.

March 2005 , PALAWAN.

This was Holy Week, we stayed at Sea Dive Resort in an Aircon room for P500 only, (imagine how cheap it is) . There were 7 of us who went there, David, Jano, Edmon, Lemuel, Grace and Diego (mga elite members ng Mapua Mountaineering, hehe,).I can say that this is the BEST trip that i've had, im with the best people, no hassles, walang kaartehan, lahat game, no fights, very fun socials, masaya from the day we departed up to the day we left the place.

Best spots in this place are, Cayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Calauit island
( Safari alike ). Picture on the right is the boat entrance to Cayangan Lake, boundary between salt and fresh water. Nice view huh, its like that we were on The Beach movie because of the limestones. Picture above is Cayangan Lake, since this is freshwater, get ready to put insect repellent lotion instead of a sunblock lotion, there were lots of mosquitoes, hehe.

This is in Calauit Island, they said it feels like that youre in Africa if youre in here, but not, hehe, because there were only few zebras and giraffes, and we can't find any antelopes. Picture on the right was taken by Chris.